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Our Poem by Rooney age 11

Today we read some poems and stories by artists
Whom mum said were worth giving a miss!
I can do better than that
By not sprouting out about a non rhyming mishap!
None of these stories make sense
And most are worse than nonsense!
Mum isn’t sitting on the fence
And i couldn’t think of anything in their defence!
You’ve just got to come to terms
That some poets aren’t any good at describing life in their terms!
I made up some new words, to impress mum
But she didn’t think i should have done!
Mum, you’ve got to get with it
These new sayings are all a hit!
In my day…..
Stop right there! No one understands it!
Look at the old poems, full of death and despair
About unrequited love and never wanting to going there!
Some poems are about not returning home and who did care!
Today’s poems are about poop and underwear
We all laugh at those and don’t even stare!
Cheeky rhymes and rubbish songs
About fish using fingers and aliens stealing thongs!
If it makes people laugh, or take about it
Then who cares if the poet is taking about……..


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