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Mum! Do you know how?

Mum! What are you doing today?

That’s the first thing that my boys say?

What do you want for breakfast?

Oh something that’ll do us until dinner time but make it fast!

Toast and tea for me.

Breakfast ends up different for us 3.

I’ll do my coding says Roo.

That’ll keep him busy for and hour or two.

Kilian is learning to read,

Practising letters and words that he’ll need!

Mum! Can you help us? Shouts Roo. What are you stuck on, a Maths sum or 2?

We can try to work it out later,

if we both get stuck, you can use a calculator!

Kilian’s having a run,

I don’t know why but he says it’s fun!

Time for a bit of French on Duolingo.

The app is free,

So we’re trying to learn a new language, or 3!

Let’s write our hero stories of SupeRoo

He saves the day, with his companions of two.

A nice salad for lunch,

Keeping busy as we munch.

Time for some fresh air,

As mum tidies up and does things she needs to prepare.

What do you fancy doing now?

Colouring in and reading?

It’s not long until someone shouts ‘mum! Can you show me how?’

Work for today is all done,

The day flies by when you’re having fun.

Off to rest and catch up on our laptops

But work for mum never stops!

Mum! You’re always too busy to rest,

Come and join us and jest.

I’ll just tidy up and get ready for another day,

Too busy to stop and play.

Right! Says mum. That’ll do for today.

Off to bed, after work’s ready to do again the next day.

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